Elkanah and Hannah or why you need to come to church regularly.

July 15th, 2017

Here is a quote from F. B. Meyer - Through The Bible Daily -  "Elkanah was evidently a kind husband to Hannah; but marriage had suffered from the general relaxation of morals, and the bitter effects of polygamy are illustrated here. Because Hannah was specially loved, Peninnah hated her.

The grief of the childless wife drove Hannah to God. There she found her only resource. When the heart is nigh to breaking, what else can we do than pour out our complaint before the One who is ever ready to hear our cry? We may trust God with our secrets; He will keep sacred our confidence. Elkanah’s love may go a long way, but we have for the most part to tread the wine-press alone. After we have eaten and drunk before our friends, “anointing our head and washing our face,” that they may not guess what is happening within, we must have a spot where we can unbend and open the sluice-gates of grief. And what place is so good as the Mercy-Seat? We need not vow our vows to bribe God to help us. The gifts of His love are more blessed for Him to give than for us to receive. But out of love we can vow what we will."

I just thought that was worthwhile sharing. as long as we were talking about Elkanah and Hannah. Now go listen to what Pastor has to say about 1 Samuel 1.

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